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Great sounding 10 audio outputs plus headphone. Includes MIDI in/out ports. Easy USB connectivity.

$ 595.00

+ $ 20.00 shipping

Our most economical way to have 4 output channels with headphone. Includes MIDI in/out ports and USB connectivity.

$ 99.00

+ $ 20.00 shipping

8 output channels with 2 headphone outputs. MIDI in/out ports and USB connectivity. We use this as a more cost effective option to the Mk4 but the lower price is reflected in audio quality.

$ 199.00

+ $ 20.00 shipping

If you are looking to fill a bedroom or even small church with good sound at an affordable price this is your speaker. We have not found a better sounding or more powerful speaker in its price range. When compared to other studio monitors some may find the B2031A on the slightly sharp side.

$ 199.00

+ $ 30.00 shipping

We find this speaker on the slightly warm side when compared to the B2031A. If you prefer slightly warm over slightly sharp this is a great choice. The E8 has proper power for small to large sized rooms found in most homes.

$ 249.00

+ $ 30.00 shipping

Many users prefer passive speakers and the Definitive Technology BP10B with bipolar sound is a great choice.

$ 479.00

+ $ 40.00 shipping

This 15" subwoofer has over 1 3/4" of travel and goes down to 15hz. It is perfect for 32' pipes. 250 watt RMS amp is standard but 500 watt RMS is available. Maple veneered 2x2x3 foot ported enclosure.

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$ 695.00

+ $ 195.00 shipping