Custom Organ

Builder of custom MIDI organs to fit your needs

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Chrome base with black push button mounted in wood. The screw holes are hidden behind engraved plate.

$ 22.00

+ $ 5.00 shipping

Chrome or Brass with Black or Red felt.

$ 28.00

+ $ 5.00 shipping

Concave piston face in color options of White, Off White, Ivory, Red and Black. Engraving in any color available. When your order is placed you will receive an engraving form.

$ 15.00

+ $ 0.00 shipping

Each set contains the 2 double level toe piston mounting blocks. Available in Oak, Cherry, or Maple. Up to 16 toe piston mounting holes can be machined free of charge. When your order is placed a layout sheet will be sent by email

$ 235.00

+ $ 15.00 shipping

3/4" x 3 1/2" spring steel with 3/16" carbide drilled holes. Comes 32 springs per order.

$ 90.00

+ $ 5.00 shipping

We sell everything needed for a complete MIDI console. If you don't see what you're looking for contact us for availability and pricing.