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Console Package – Premium


Comes in a variety of stains with solid Oak or solid Cherry. Shown with additional products. The Premium Package does come with the ability to add and remove components as the customer desires. 

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Premium Package includes:

  • Premium Table with Toe Stud Bolsters
  • AGO or BDO Pedal board
  • Premium Bench
  • Arch Music Rack and Base or Framed Music Rack with Base
  •  3 Klann Expression Shoes
  • 3 Sets of Key cheeks
  •  3 Piston Rails with 60 Klann Thumb Pistons
  • 3 Fatar/Arnold Organ Wood covered keyboards
  • 3 Wire harnesses
  •  16 Toe Studs

Available in Solid Oak or Solid Cherry.
$15,810 plus shipping $1000

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